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5 Tips for Pain-Free Waxing


Waxing is one of the most efficient hair removal methods on the market, capable of whisking away hundreds of pesky body hairs in one fell swoop and leaving skin smooth and stubble-free for weeks afterwards. The big downside, of course, is the pain associated with having all those tiny hair yanked out at once. While skin naturally becomes desensitized to waxing over time, there’s still plenty of “ouch” left over. That’s why the Hair Removal Forum team has decided to showcase some of our favorite methods for making wax treatments as pleasant as possible!

Exfoliate Ahead of Time

Most hygienically-aware people use cleansers to exfoliate their face daily, but few realize the benefits of scrubbing down other areas that require waxing. Much of the sting of hair removal comes when follicles don’t exit cleanly or dead skin cells get peeled off as well, all problems easily solved with a little exfoliation. Use a gritty scrub to clear your skin’s surface a few hours before waxing to ensure that hair is the only thing being yanked around and your nerve-endings will thank you!

Use Painkillers or Numbing Cream

This tip seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many waxers just wince through the pain without any help from modern pharmaceuticals. Popping a couple ibuprofen or applying over-the-counter desensitizing creams an hour or so ahead of time can dramatically dull any pain associated with waxing. Consider this tip especially if you’re a first-timer, using a home waxing kit, or looking to treat sensitive areas such as the face, chest, or bikini line.

Skip the Stimulants

There’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night, but be aware that both alcohol and caffeine can leave your skin extra sensitive due to each substance’s stimulating nature. Aside from putting your nerves on high-alert, both can also increase the amount of acidity in your system, another factor linked to pain perception. Instead, prepare by hydrating with good ol’ H20 and perhaps even take some Tums twenty minute prior to your waxing appointment to guarantee a more pleasant experience.

Warm Up

Conventional wisdom suggests that ice is great for numbing skin, but this logic falls apart when it comes to wax preparation. The cold actually makes skin constrict and hold onto hairs tighter than normal, increasing the potential for pain during the peel. Instead, warm up with a steamy shower or dab skin with a hot washcloth to make sure your pores are open and skin relaxed before taking the plunge.

Powder Down

One of the easiest ways to keep wax’s pulling power confined to hairs is to give yourself a baby powder rubdown just before you begin a treatment. A quick dusting of the white stuff helps soak up lingering moisture and body oils, allowing wax to grip hairs better while providing a thin protective barrier for the skin itself. Unlike many beauty products, generic baby powders work just as good as the name-brand stuff, making this tip both smart and cheap!

Following the tips above can keep the physical pain of waxing to a bare minimum, but it won’t take the sting out the cost and time commitment associated with long term use. If you’re interested in exploring a more permanent solution to body hair, such as laser hair removal, contact us today! Our dedicated Hair Removal Forum representatives can schedule you a private consultation with a hair removal specialist near you free of charge!

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