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Treating and Removing Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown Hair Causes

Man or woman, young or old; if you're shaving or waxing, ingrown hairs are inevitable. Men regularly have to beware of ingrown facial hair, while women often have to deal with the discomfort of ingrown hairs on the underarms and the bikini area. The causes of ingrown hair are relatively easy to identify, but not always easy to prevent, especially when if you're a regular user of razors or waxing products. Generally, the condition of ingrown hair, or folliculitis, develops when dead skin cells gather around an irritated hair follicle, eventually trapping the hair under a small papule, or bump on the skin. Often described as “razor burn,” ingrown hair can be caused or worsened by tweezing, waxing, and electrolysis, as well, and it can be especially noticeable on people with darker skin. There are many at-home ingrown hair treatment methods, ranging from Salicylic acid to daily exfoliation and even moisturizing the area with a warm washcloth. However, to handle a particularly nasty underarm ingrown hair or ingrown pubic hair, your best choice is to seek out a professional treatment.

Laser Hair Removal: An Ingrown Hair Treatment

Not only is laser hair removal a reliable treatment for ingrown hair, but it also serves as a great method of ingrown hair prevention. Today, bikini line laser hair removal is more popular than ever before, giving women the opportunity to safely treat and remove ingrown bikini hair, while also permanently reducing the regrowth of unwanted hair in the area. This advanced form of pubic hair removal essentially turns bikini waxing and shaving into obsolete practices, dramatically reducing the risk of ingrown hair in the future. Similarly, laser hair removal for underarms keeps the skin smooth without the need for any of the regular maintenance that leads to irritation and folliculitis. Men are getting in on the act, too, with many opting for beard laser hair removal procedures to improve their skin and save them the daily annoyance of shaving.

To find out more about how laser hair removal can treat ingrown hairs and prevent new ones, feel free to contact one of our helpful guest service liaisons. They're happy to answer your questions, and they can easily schedule you a free ingrown hair treatment consultation with a leading laser clinic near you.

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