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Bleaching for Hair Removal

Bleaching hair is not so much a hair removal method, but a quick and easy way to make those unwanted facial hairs less noticeable.  Bleach disguises dark hairs, transforming them into a blonde or golden color; making the hairs harder to see. This can be useful on an area that has thin but dark hairs like the face or neck.  At home bleaching works by applying a chemical, namely bleach, to the selected area, and the bleached hair is removed of its pigment.  Dark haired individuals often find that bleaching a slight mustache is much less painful, more private, and far cheaper than other methods.  Generally, even the highest-end facial hair bleaches are not going to cost you much more than $15.

Hair Bleaching Instructions

The hardest thing about applying bleach is mixing your bleach solution and not making a mess during the process.  Be careful not to ruin your best towels!  With most hair bleaching products you have to mix a bleach cream with an activation powder. With this in mind, try to only make as much as you need for that session to avoid spilling the solution everywhere.  Apply the bleach mixture to the area you want to be lightened, and wait about 10 minutes, depending on the area. Never exceed 15 minutes! Then remove the cream and rinse with cool or lukewarm water.  Pat dry without rubbing.  Remember to safely dispose of your unused bleach mixture.  Since you’re working with potentially toxic chemicals, you should always start with a test patch.  If redness or irritation occurs take it off immediately and discontinue use.

Popular Hair Bleaching Products

There are a variety of commercial hair bleaches available.  Each brand is not terribly different, but you should always follow the instructions careful.  Some of the more popular bleach brands include Sally Hansen, Jolen, and Veet.  It basically comes down to which one you trust the most.

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach – Sally Hansen, an industry leader in beauty care and hair removal products, also markets a top brand of hair bleach.  Sally Hansen Creme Bleach is probably the best bleach for those prone to skin irritation.  It’s hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, not to mention it comes with Aloe Vera.  A lot of consumers also think Sally Hansen’s sweet almond smell sets it apart from other bleaches.

Jolen – Jolen Creme Bleach is one of the more expensive bleach products for facial hair on the market.  However, Jolen’s bleach products come in variety of options.  You can buy full bleach kits or even small 1 oz. bottles.   Jolen also has Aloe Vera to keep irriation to a minimum you’ll probably find the bleach that’s right for area you wish to treat.

Veet® – The Veet Hair Bleaching Cream is inexpensive, but effective.  Veet’s bleach has a subtle fragrance and softening oils making it easy to apply and suitable for sensitive areas like your upper lip and chin.  Veet offers a trusted name and product familiarity that few company can match.

Side Effects of Bleach

Bleach is definitely one of the safer hair removal alternatives, but that’s not to say that it’s completely without its side effects.  It can cause irritations and skin discolorations, and while temporary, could become a major inconvenience.

Cost of Bleach Could be on the Rise

While hair bleaching products are relatively inexpensive, that doesn’t necessarily mean using bleach as a permanent solution is.  If you end up having to bleach those hairs every month to two weeks, the cost can really start to add up in the long run. 

For persistant hair, consider more permanent hair removal methods like laser hair removal or electrolysis.


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