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For many men, chest hair removal has become as essential as a shave and a haircut for maintaining a sleek, well groomed look (see our Well Groomed Male page for more of the latest in male grooming). In response to this trend, the interest in permanent hair reduction for men has grown exponentially. After all, men don't enjoy the thought of daily shaving or body waxing any more than women do! The emergence of laser technology has played a particularly large role in helping men remove chest hair without the pain or irritation of shaving and waxing. Plus, laser permanent hair removal (or permanent hair reduction) is safer, quicker, and more effective than any other chest hair removal procedure out there.

Laser Hair Removal for Men: A Breakthrough in Chest Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for chest hair is extremely popular, allowing men to exhibit a smooth, classic look every day, while leaving their razors and waxing kits on the shelf. Most laser clinics today are equipped to handle a wide variety of chest hair removal treatments on people with varying skin and hair types, and because the procedure is safer and less painful than ever before, most patients return to their normal activities with no recovery time needed. Since it involves a larger area of the body, chest laser hair removal will usually require more sessions than an underarm or facial treatment, but with an experienced laser technician on your side, you'll be showing off a smooth, hairless chest for the rest of the summer and more summers to come!

Chest Hair Removal Cost & Comparisons

There are a number of important factors that can affect chest hair removal prices. Because it's the closest legitimate option to permanent hair reduction available, lasers won’t be the same price as a can of shaving cream. However, your final bill will usually rise or fall depending on the time and number of sessions your treatment requires. In other words, anything that extends the length of treatment, such as surface area (bigger chest = more time to treat), hair density (more hair = more treatments), hair pigment (red, blonde, and gray hair are more difficult to remove), and skin tone (some lasers don't work as well on dark skin), will usually result in a higher chest hair removal cost. Logically, then, costs of full body sessions will also be considerably more, unless you take advantage of special deals like the ones mentioned below.

Men: Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment Guide

It's extremely important to learn all you can about chest laser hair removal before starting a treatment. Hair removal with lasers for men routinely involves larger areas of the body, but you can actually save considerable cash by finding laser clinics that offer incentives and deals for combo treatment packages, especially if you're considering a full body treatment, rather than a chest hair removal procedure alone. By knowing what to look for in a laser clinic, you'll be able to save money and put your care in the hands of the best technicians with the best technology. We have plenty of information on laser technology here at HairRemovalForum, and our helpful liaisons are standing by to help you further…all you need to do is call.

Other Methods of Chest Hair Removal for Men

Of course, not every man with a bare chest received laser chest hair removal at a laser clinic. There are quite a few other methods of chest hair removal and body treatments that are popular and reasonably effective. Waxing chest hair is a common practice that might keep the skin smooth for a few weeks. But needless to say, you'll have to suffer for it. Some men turn to male depilatory products (such as Veet or Nair for Men), which are creams that melt away follicles at the surface. This process is mostly painless, but it's also not very effective and can cause skin irritation depending on how sensitive your skin is to the chemicals used. Some other at-home hair removal systems have come on the scene lately, including DIY versions of electrolysis and hair lasers. To ensure a safe, successful treatment, however, you would be much better off putting a tough task like chest hair removal in the hands of a clinical expert.

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