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Defining the Brazilian Bikini

Whether or not you've ever undergone a bikini hair removal treatment before, there's a good chance you've heard references to the “Brazilian bikini.” In truth, the Brazilian hair removal approach did not originate in Brazil. But, considering that it involves the complete removal of all or nearly all hair in the bikini or pelvic area, it's certainly a logical option for women who wear those especially revealing, Brazilian-style bikini bottoms. Unlike some other types of pubic hair removal, a Brazilian bikini hair removal treatment is less about tidiness, and more about total smoothness. Many women, and even some men, enjoy the look and feel of being “bare down there.” As a result, Brazilian bikini treatments have quickly become among the most popular forms of genital hair removal in today's society.

Laser Hair Removal: The Preferred Method for the Brazilian Bikini

Because pubic hair removal is one of the most sensitive types of grooming a person has to deal with, it should come as no surprise that people are eager to find a permanent hair removal solution for the bikini line. Thankfully, Brazilian laser hair removal has emerged as that long-term answer. Using razors, waxing products, or other at-home hair removal products can be time consuming enough just for regular bikini line maintenance. For maintaining a Brazilian bikini, anything other than laser hair removal pales in comparison. The pain of Brazilian bikini waxing need not be described, and the skin irritation that follows is also a major problem. The same goes for various depilatories, which are never recommended for the sensitive skin around the genitals. Brazilian laser hair removal also helps eliminate and prevent the ingrown hairs on the bikini area that are regular caused by waxing or shaving. And most importantly, of course, a full Brazilian laser hair removal procedure delivers results that last! It's the nearest thing to a permanent bikini hair removal treatment, and it puts all those awful bikini waxing treatments where they belong, in the past.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

Compared to most other types of body hair removal, the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal is quite affordable, though understandably more expensive than a basic or standard bikini laser hair removal treatment. Brazilian bikini prices will vary from state to state and clinic and clinic, but the cost per session usually winds up somewhere in the $350-$450 range. Any bikini laser hair removal treatment can take longer, and thus cost more, depending on your skin tone and hair pigment. While most clinics offer hair lasers for darker skin and blonde, red, or gray hair, it will require extra sessions to get full results in most cases, so be sure to discuss the relationship between your skin, hair, and treatment costs with your a laser technician or hair removal specialist. And remember, regardless of what you end up paying for a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, you'll be earning a lot of it back in the cash you save on shaving products and visits to the waxing salon.

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