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More than ever before, both women and men are taking notice of trends in laser technology and new grooming norms, leading to a booming interest in permanent body hair removal. Today's hair lasers can safely, swiftly, and completely remove unwanted hair virtually anywhere. All it takes is the desire to move beyond the daily grind of razors and waxes.

Popular Areas for Body Laser Hair Treatments

Bikini Line
Easily among the most popular types of laser body hair removal, Brazilian bikini and pubic hair treatments allow people to don the latest swim wear, athletic attire, and intimate fashions with complete confidence. Bikini laser services are also a great treatment for ingrown hair.

This is the area of body hair removal that women typically spend the most time and money on. But whereas most commercial leg hair products will only provide a few days of smoothness, leg laser procedures deliver amazing results for the long haul.

One of the great things about removing underarm hair is that it's a great place to start for anyone new to laser treatments for body hair removal. Most underarm laser treatments are quite quick and easy, and the results can pay big dividends for men and women, alike.

Not just the territory of swimmers and body builders anymore, removing chest hair is now a normal part of modern male grooming. Laser chest treatments can take a few extra visits to permanently reduce hair regrowth, but as body hair removal goes, it's a huge step up from the ball and chain called shaving and waxing.

As the largest area for body hair removal, the back can be near impossible to treat with traditional methods. Fortunately, back laser hair removal can permanently eliminate much of that unwanted hair in just a handful of sessions.

Body Hair Removal Pricing By Area

Looking at laser hair removal costs by body area, it's easy to see that the size of the area being treated will play a major role in the bill you end up receiving for any body hair removal treatment. Smaller procedures like underarm or bikini line may cost around $300 per session, while the chest, back, or legs may run closer to $700. Regional and corporate rate differences can affect laser hair removal body area pricing, too. Among the biggest factors in body hair removal prices, however, are hair density and skin tone. Obviously, the more hair you need removed, the more sessions might be required to completely remove it, and thus, the higher the cost will be. Similarly, laser treatments for dark skin may take longer, as even the best modern hair lasers will usually need extra sessions to compensate for the melanin in darker skin tissue.

Full Body Hair Removal: Pricing Incentives & Discounts

If you're considering treating multiple areas of the body, many hair removal specialists offer special discounts on laser hair removal costs to customers who purchase procedure packages in bulk. It's an excellent incentive for anyone interested in full body laser hair removal, and you can learn about available offers in your area by contacting one of HairRemovalForum's helpful guest service liaisons.

Other Methods for Removing Body Hair

Though approved by the FDA as a permanent treatment, electrolysis is also notoriously painful and time consuming. It can be effective on small areas like the lip and chin, but for larger body hair removal procedures, electrolysis is not a practical alternative to laser treatments.

For many people, body hair removal waxing is a normal part of their personal aesthetic routine, but it certainly can hurt, and the results will always be temporary.

There are many body hair removal depilatory products on the market these days, such as Nair and Veet, which are basically chemical creams designed to melt away hair. Though not painful, the process can be messy, and the results, again, are temporary.

A little different from depilatories, Vaniqua® hair removal cream isn't a body hair removal treatment so much as a body hair prevention treatment. The enzyme inhibitor can help reduce hair regrowth, but the cream alone won't get rid of the follicle in the first place.

Hair Bleaching
Facial or body hair bleaching is a common practice for many women, but it's purpose is more visual, masking the appearance of hair, rather than removing it.

At-Home Hair Removal Systems
There are a wide assortment of home hair removal systems available, including everything from at-home electrolysis kits to one of the newest developments, an at-home laser hair removal system. If you're considering trying one of these systems, please remember that your wisest move is always to put your body hair removal treatment in the hands of an experienced hair professional.

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