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Due to its intimate nature, bikini line hair removal doesn't tend to get discussed as often as some other types of body hair treatments. But, as many laser technicians can tell you, the demand for bikini laser hair removal has skyrocketed in recent years, as more and more people seek to escape the pain and hassle of traditional pubic hair removal methods like shaving and waxing.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal: What to Know

The appeal of a treatment like bikini hair laser treatments is very easy to understand. With fashion and grooming trends being what they are, it's not always easy to exude total confidence in low cut bikinis, under garments, or athletic attire, especially with the skin irritation often brought on by razors and at-home hair products. After just a few brief visits to a reputable laser clinic or medical spa, however, you can safely and efficiently remove pubic hair and keep it off for the long haul.

Are Bikini Laser Hair Removal Results Permanent?

This is a key question that comes up with all types of bikini line hair removal: is it a permanent solution? Well, according to the FDA's definition, bikini laser hair removal is not a form of permanent hair elimination. This is because laser treatments, while effective in permanently removing as much as 90 percent of hair regrowth, cannot guarantee the complete elimination of all unwanted bikini area hair for the life of the patient. Instead, the procedure's effects are described as permanent hair reduction rather than permanent hair removal. Nonetheless, with results lasting for multiple years in many cases, bikini laser hair removal is truly the next best thing to a permanent treatment.

How Does Bikini Laser Hair Removal Work?

If you've ever read about how laser treatments works on the back, legs, or face, you already know the principles behind bikini hair removal. But, considering the sensitivity of the region, laser technicians do take extra care to insure that the procedures are performed carefully and precisely, whether they're just removing sporadic follicles from around the bikini line, or all the hair in proximity to the genitals (a.k.a Brazilian hair removal). If a patient feels pain from the laser, it's usually brief and minimal, akin to a light snap from a rubber band, and any redness or bruising should subside within a few days after the treatment. For many people, all it takes is 3-4 sessions of bikini line laser hair removal, lasting less than an hour each, to get their desired results. HairRemovalForum has many resources on this subject in our laser technology information section.

What Is the Cost of Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

Like any cosmetic treatment, your bikini hair laser treatment cost will depend on the region you live in, the clinic you choose, and the number of sessions required. Over all, hair laser costs have been dropping in recent years as the demand has risen, so the chances are good that a bikini laser hair removal price tag at your local clinic could be as little as $250-$300 per session. This could increase to the neighborhood of $400-$500 for a Brazilian bikini treatment. Generally speaking, Brazilian laser procedures will be more time consuming, since they equate to total removal of pubic hair, rather than the removal of stray, unwanted hairs along the bikini line. You can find out more about laser treatment costs by contacting us and scheduling a free consultation with one of the top laser clinics in your area.

Pubic Hair Removal: Other Options

If you or your doctor decide that advanced laser treatments are not the best solution for you, there are certainly plenty of other bikini hair removal alternatives out there. Brazilian bikini waxing is very popular, and can last a fairly long while, but you'll need a high tolerance level for pain. The same goes for electrolysis, which is one of the few procedures that can advertise itself as permanent hair removal. Treatments are typically very time consuming, as well, and not recommended for the tender regions of the bikini area. There are other at-home systems you can learn about in our alternatives section. Suffice it to say, however, when it comes to the careful art of bikini line hair removal, the safest and perhaps most efficient method to remove pubic hair is still bikini laser hair removal, as performed by a clinical professional.

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