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"Thanks to, I found the place that was perfect for the price range for my treatment and I thought the service was pretty outstanding too." --T.S., Chicago, IL

Hair Removal Forum - Your #1 Laser Hair Removal Resource From research to reviews to results, Hair Removal Forum is your convenient destination for everything Laser Hair Removal and so much more. . .

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Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Treatments?

With the advancements made in laser technology, more people are able to receive hair removal treatments than ever before. Those who were once considered non-candidates because of darker skin tones or white, red, or grey hair are now regularly welcomed by laser clinics across the country. Check out our "Am I a Candidate" section to learn more about how laser hair removal could work for you. If you're African American and want to research more about laser treatments and dark skin, be sure to visit the "Laser Hair Removal and African American Skin" section of our LHR information library.

Laser Hair Removal Cost & Pricing

Getting an accurate idea of laser hair removal pricing can be difficult and often times frustrating. There are a number of variables that laser clinics and medical spas consider when establishing the cost of laser hair removal. However, one fact is generally consistent: purchasing permanent hair removal treatments as part of a package is cheaper than paying per treatment. Often times, a clinic will offer discounted pricing when you buy in bulk. Or, if there are special promotions being offered during a particular month, they're usually only valid towards package treatments. Across the board, laser hair prices have been dropping of late, both in response to greater availability and the state of the economy.

Laser Hair Removal Information

Hair Removal Forum differentiates itself from other cosmetic sites by constantly developing new articles and resources for prospective hair reduction patients. We make the information available so you can make the most informed decision possible. Here, you can research how hair lasers work to remove hair on specific areas of the body, including the bikini, underarms, back and facial area. Guests can also learn more about the latest laser technology, peruse the Frequently Asked Questions section, and gain deeper insight on a wide variety of research topics, from laser hair removal costs to alternative treatment options. All of our articles are carefully developed and approved by our in-house staff of writers and aesthetic professionals.

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Featured Specialists

Youthtopia Med SpaYouthtopia Med Spa in Alpharetta is one of the top Laser Hair Removal providers in Georgia. Renowned for its excellent staff and advanced laser technology, Youthtopia is at the forefront of aesthetic skin care. Voted as Around Town Alpharetta's top spa in 2007, Youthtopia Med Spa offers 25 years of experience to make the removal of uwanted hair in Alpharetta as easy as possible. The spa utilizes the Aurora laser by Syneron, which has proven effective with a variety of skin tones and hair colors, including red, blonde, and gray hair. From back hair removal to bikini laser treatments, you can start saying goodbye to unwanted body hair with your free consultation at Youthtopia Med Spa in Alpharetta, GA.

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