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Laser Hair Removal Resources

Hair Removal Treatment Areas

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments Start with Hair Removal Forum!

From research to reviews to results, Hair Removal Forum can guide you through every step on your path to a successful Laser Hair Removal treatment!

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Laser Hair Removal Information: Am I a Candidate?

While once recommended mainly for people with dark hair and light skin, advanced laser technology can now produce results for those with red or blonde hair pigments and darker skin tones, as well. In fact, for many patients, it only takes 4-6 relatively painless laser treatment sessions at their local cosmetic clinic to experience permanent hair reduction. In all cases, though, the best way to determine if you're a good candidate for laser hair removal is to schedule a consultation with a local laser specialist.

Treatments Areas

Facial Hair Removal
Today, facial laser treatments compare favorably to electrolysis and easily outclass the painful, repetitive alternatives of shaving, waxing and tweezing. Most laser clinics now offer simple chin and upper lip hair removal treatments for a very fair price.

Body Hair Removal
Unwanted body hair is a major aesthetic concern for both women and men, which is why laser back hair removal, chest hair removal, and underarm hair removal are more popular than ever. And because body treatments tend to cover large areas, laser hair removal holds a huge advantage over electrolysis, which is simply too time consuming for such procedures.

Legs and Bikini Line Hair Removal
Laser technology has also helped thousands of women escape the drudgery of shaving their legs, not to mention the awful pain of bikini waxing! The permanent results of leg hair removal and pubic hair removal sessions can amount to countless hours of newly found free time each year.

Laser Hair Removal Costs and Pricing

The cost of hair removal lasers depends, first and foremost, on the area being treated and the number of sessions needed to fully eliminate the unwanted hair. You can learn more about these variables in our laser hair removal costs and treatment area pricing pages. It's also important to remember that buying a full package of treatment sessions will always cost less than purchasing one treatment at a time, and many laser clinics will also offer regular monthly promotions and discounts to help keep today's LHR costs well within your budget.
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